Sierra Nevada Small Stream…the latest installment of the Fly Fishing Travel Poster Series for Leland Fly Fishing. Each poster celebrates a particular destination and serves as a promotion for a specific Leland fly rod model. Framed posters are available for purchase here: Leland Posters. Unframed posters can be ordered through me directly. Please drop me a note if you need assistance or have questions:

Thanks! -Paul

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The mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range runs some four hundred miles north to south, creating some of the most beautiful country that California has to offer. Famous photographer Ansel Adams spent many of his days surrounded by the wonder of the Sierra Nevada and capturing it in timeless photos. Yosemite’s stunning setting draws millions annually to stand in awe of nature’s best work. This is the Sierra Nevada.

For us fly fishers, the Sierra Nevada is a play land with trout-filled high alpine lakes, cascading creeks and spring creeks, all which flow into and form larger valley rivers. Here, a fly fisher can pursue any number of unique trout, including California’s state fish, the Golden Trout. Artist Paul Waters respects this gift from nature and has captured its stunning beauty in his latest work, The Sierra Nevada.

Anyone who has ever visited California’s Sierra Nevada will instantly recognize this lithograph, where late summer thunder clouds lift high above the snow capped mountains. Winter hints to its inevitable arrival with bursts of color, while brilliantly-colored trout hold calmly in a crystal-clear Sierra stream. Paul’s attention to detail is evident in every fish scale and stream pebble.

Celebrate the sport, the cast and the beauty of the Sierra Nevada with Paul’s work on your office wall or better yet, in your Sierra Nevada cabin.  – David Dines


Original Sierra Nevada Fly Fishing Poster Art , featured here with a custom frame:

Original New Zealand Fly Fishing Poster Art :

Original British Columbia Fly Fishing Poster Art :

Original Florida Keys Fly Fishing Poster Art :

Original Sonoma California Leland Ranch Fly Fishing Poster Art :

Original Red Truck Fly Rod Poster Art :

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  • I really enjoy your Sierra Nevada Small Stream poster. Great work. I’m looking to purchase a poster of the Sierra Nevada’s and frame it. I’m a fly fisherman with a new house in the Bay Area. Do you have other posters of the Sierra Nevada for purchase as well?


  • Hello Paul I have been a fan your Art since I first aske who was the one that was doing the Desings for all of Leland’s Logos and Posters I finally got the information and tried to come in contact with you to no avail. My son is very much interested I’m Art so I have been showing him your Desings and we both think they are amazing. Is your art for sale? And do you also do custom Desings like our view on a pic of ones first a Steelhead to hand with the fly it was cought on? Thank you for visionary take on Art.
    Best Fishes Eric Robles.

    • Hi Eric,

      I hope your son’s progress is coming along.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance with current or custom prints.

      Happy fishing to you in 2014.

    • Hi Victor,

      Just a quick reminder on the pricing for the prints:
      Unframed Print, Signed and Numbered: 200. + $15 Shipping.
      Framed Print: 450. + Shipping calculated by Leland see more info here:

      I also have the California Trout Series available now as well.

      Thanks and Happy Fishing to you.

  • Hello from New Zealand!

    A few years back I was in the SF Leland shop with my fly fishing partner and noted your beautiful posters. I see you currently have a NZ poster but I seem to recall one with Tongariro River type on it ( but my memory may not be that good!) but IF I am correct do you have any left? (Regret not getting one at the time)

    Either way if I decide to get an unframed NZ version do I purchase direct from you or Leland fly fishing shop?

    Regards & Thanks!


  • Hi Paul,

    Last year, I was the winning bidder of your Small Stream poster when it was featured on the Casting for Recovery Western PA online auction. I really love this poster!! It means twice as much to win a wonderful item and to know that the artist is supportive of an awesome charity like Casting for Recovery!


    • Thanks for the thoughtful note and support Susan. I’ve donated a golden trout piece to this year’s fundraiser by the way.
      Happy fishing.

      • Hi Paul,

        I saw that and I’m bidding on it! Clearly I need the golden trout piece to go with the Small Stream art I have! 🙂

        Your work is wonderful!

        Thanks! Susan

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