I designed the logo art here specifically for product application. Rod cosmetics, label treatment and art direction were also part of the project.


The following work was done for Eat’n Park Hospitality group’s Eat’nPark Family Restaurants. It’s all about the Smiley Cookie® with the well know chain of 80+ restaurants in the mid-atlantic portion of the country. Their coffee has always been a big hit, and when the wave of quality coffee hit nationwide in the mid 2000’s they opened numerous in-restaurant cafes and offered their coffee directly. It’s truly a beloved institution in many communities.


The GUI for the ShoreTel  655 model “Wonderphone” took around 2 years to develop. I worked closely with a team of software and mechanical engineers, creating icons, graphic elements, and transition treatments from scratch. I also assisted on the general flow of information and interactive scenarios.



The followings screens were for ShoreTel’s step down from the Wonderphone – the Azure series.


Here is the pixmap file for the Wonderphone. All of the necessary elements are housed here.




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